Guided tour: Olympia

Departing Kalamata, we will drive towards the west of the Peloponnese peninisula.

After 2 hours drive we will reach Olympia for a 2,5 hours guided tour of the archaeological site and museum, where you will see among other things, the ancient gymnasium and palestra, the workshop of Phedias, the temples of Zeus and Hera, the altar where the Olympic Torch is always being lit for the Modern Olympics, the stadium, the pediments of the temple of Zeus, the statues of Nike of Paeonius and Hermes of Praxiteles, as well as the legendary helmet of General Miltiades from the battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

Next you will be able to have a short stop for lunch or a snack in the modern town of Olympia.

Admission: €12 (archaeological site+ museum), due to COVID-19, safety and protection measures to know before visiting).

Water, hat and sunglasses, loose clothing and comfortable shoes needed.

We can visit the Historical Museum of the Olympic Games.