Georgia Koutsoukou

Mobile: +30 693 100 0050


I was born in Kalamata with an excellent mom and an excellent dad who, due to the situations I will describe, upset my taste buds from a child. My father always brought us strange flavors after every trip. We asked for pizza, and he made us one with anchovies, big fuss.
My grandfather had a butcher shop in the central market of Kalamata, my mother was at the counter and my uncles, butchers and gorgeous, in white robes served the customers with the best techniques. Over the years, the butcher’s shop developed into an excellent delicacy. I saw and was enchanted by everything in the market, turning around and knowing everyone.
With this property I started traveling in cooking and taste. I studied interpretation-translation and did various additional studies, cooking seminars abroad while I completed my studies at the Cooking Department of IEK Praxis. I think I’m in constant education, because the taste journey is inexhaustible.
The taste has many meanings and many worries. I make yeast the hard and knead with the easy.
I travel a lot and I look for the kitchen. I learn and try, respect, think.

“de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum”