Alexandros Salikopoulos, tel. +30 6987551997

My name is Alexandros Salikopoulos and I am a professional driver. Holder B amateur, and D professional, CPC and digital tachograph card.
In recent years with the rapid development of tourism in our country I work as a Mini Van driver mainly on islands of the Cyclades. I worked at the company DESTINY Investment Group. Therefore, my experience in customer transportation is great. Driving demands in the tourism industry are particularly difficult. There are many challenges and decisions that the driver faces and must make. Road safety, primarily of passengers, and therefore of the company’s vehicle, are crucial. As a professional driver my main concern is the safety of passengers and the maximum utilization of the capabilities of the company’s vehicle. This is achieved by driving always in a defensive way and rationally. The knowledge of the vehicle is very important for the driver. By acquiring the CPC for professional bus drivers that I have, the driver is able to know basic functions of the engine, drive and steering of the vehicle, as well as the braking system. I am consistent on schedule, kind to passengers and colleagues.
I speak English fluently.
The requirements in transport, especially regarding the transport of people, make it necessary to constantly update and know the new technologies, social media applications etc. As a professional driver, I am well aware of the applications and facilities that technology provides such as GPS, traffic bus locator etc.
I will be happy to drive you around Greece after choosing one of the tours with our guides!